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You will hardly find a people in the face of this planet who do not like Pokémon. You can feel its strong presence across different platforms that include comic books, toys, trading card games, TV shows, and movies. Having more than six-film series and 20 original releases has given movie lovers a true value for their money. If you are an ardent fan of the Pokémon series or desire to get Pokémon movie in Hindi, keep reading as we will provide a comprehensive list of Hindi dubbed Pokémon with corresponding YouTube URLs.

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Part 1. Pokémon Movie list - Movie in Hindi

Pokémon: The First Movie - Mewtwo Ka Badla

Here, a group of scientists receives funds for cloning the best Pokémon ever by the name of Mew. The experiment is a grand success resulting in the birth of Mewtwo. However, Mewtwo is bitter and kills its masters. In a mad quest to become, the greatest he challenges the world to battle him. However, Pokémon ash and his friends pass the test and prepare for the battle. It was here that they came to know about the sinister plan of cloning Mewtwo and his ravaging plan for planet earth.

Ash Pikachu Aur Lugia in Danger

The plot of this movie is about a flying fortress where a maleficent evil lurks who is making plans to kidnap the birds of lighting islands, ice, and fire. It intends to lure the sea power called Lugia that will help to control the whole world. As Ash and his friends were carrying out an island tradition of visiting the three islands, they come to know about the plot and decide to do something about it. In the face of worldly destruction, the dark forces like comic villains and team rocket with a team of Ash. Besides Pokémon from all over, the world assembles so that they could help.

Unown ka Tehelka

The plot of this movie revolves around the Hieroglyph Pokémon ‘Unknown’. It starts with one professor Shuri who is a scientist searching for rare pocket Monsters. He reads out the story of a powerful Pokémon called Entei to his daughter Mi. As he was searching through the ancient artifacts, he mistakenly awakens the Unknown, which sucks him. MI also stimulates Unknown while searching for her father. The bonding between Unknown and Mi is quite strong, and he transforms her mansion into a crystal tower. The event of crystallization continues to spread. Unknown stays with Mi and creates an Entei whose personality resembles Mi’s father to keep her happy. Next, Mi asks for a mother, and this time Entei kidnaps Satoshi’s mother Hanako and gives it to Mi. Consequently, Kasumi, Satoshi, and Takeshi, along with Pikachu, began their free Hanako journey.

Khatre Ka Jungle

This movie is about Pokémon called Celebi. It looked like a veggie bug whose kinks were Celebi from other points in time. The starting scene of the film is set in a distant location in the past, where a young boy called Sam saves Celebi from a hunter. As a mark of reciprocal effect, Celebi transports Sam and itself to present in Ash Ketchum’s time. Sam and Ash team up and becomes a good friend as they protect Celebi from the team rocket villain, the masked iron marauder, and his dark ball. It also converts Pokémon into evil as they augment their power.

Soul Dew Ka Raaz

In this movie, Pikachu and Ash team up to stop some thieves hiding in the alleyways of Alto Mare, the water capital of the world, and canals. Two new Pokémon join the adventure, which is a pair of brother and sister named Latios and Latias as the valuable treasure called the Droplet of the heart.

Jirachi Ka Wonder

The time was drawing near when Millennium Cornet will fulfill the wishes of those who watch it over their sky. Ash and his friends are quite interested in the millennium festival as they were attending the Great Butler’s magic performance. Another interesting aspect of this movie is the cocoon in Butler’s possession from which Max can hear the calling of a mysterious voice. Max is already having a new friend when Jirachi awakens from its slumber. Millennium Cornet appears in the sky for a few days, and Max wants to make the most of their limited time in spending it with his new friend. However, the Great Butler has some sinister plans for Jirachi, which intends to revive the Legendary Groudon.

Deoxy Aur Troy Ki Story

In this movie, we see that a mysterious meteorite is hurtling towards the earth. As it entered the atmosphere, it almost harms Rayquaza, a sky guardian living in the ozone payer. When it crashes in the polar region, it reveals two objects resembling an egg. Deoxy regenerates from the purple color egg and picks up the green egg. Rayquaza perceives them as an enemy and descends from the Ozone layer for a fight.

Trouble breaks out in the city, letting loose insane robots turned hostile, and it overwhelms Rayquaza. The Deoxy twins form a shield to protect Rayquaza. Rayquaza learns that the twin Deoxy is not threats who are trying to protect it from the new threat. With the help of Ash and Troy, the malfunctioning robots, when turned off free the Deoxy Twin and Rayquaza. Troy has a close shave with death, but Green Deoxy’s timely intervention proves to be a savior.

Understanding that the Deoxy twins are not a threat, Rayquaza flies back to the Ozone layer. Deoxy twins assume the shape of the green and purple aura and bids goodbye before leaving for an unknown destination.

Lucario ki Toofani Shakti

The plot of this movie is set in a town called Lohta. A festival is underway in the memory of “Aaron the Wave Leader Hero.” There is a legend that stopped a war centuries ago with the power of the “Tree of the World’s Origin.” Pikachu and Satoshi participate in a battle contest for the year’s hero and ends up winning the title. They become the weave leader hero. For celebrating the success of the victors, the castle arranges a ball where the Phantom Pokémon intrudes out of nowhere, kidnapping Pikachu. Then, the Lucario, the leader of the weave Pokémon, becomes free of century-old shackles and meets Satoshi. Now it is up to Satoshi to solve the mysteries and draw closer to Pikachu where she is helped captive and to understand what Mew the Phantom monk is up to and the secrets that lie hidden in the bosom of the Weave Leader.

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