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The film industry of Pakistan is on a course of revival and critics are gradually taking an interest in it. Over the past couple of years, the film industry of Pakistan has released more than 21 movies, and this time around, the number is an impressive 23. Many production houses are making a paradigm shift from the trend of releasing movies for Eid as big releases spread throughout the year. For the past couple of years, there have been big debuts in the industry like Kamal Khan and Nehr Ghar’s Laal Kabootar. On the other hand, there were films which promised a lot but failed to deliver on it. If you wish to download Pakistani movies, then please download Vidmate via link given below.

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Part 1. Top 10 Pakistani Movies 2019

Laal Kabootar

There was not a tinge of doubt that Pakistan’s submission for the Oscars will not occupy the number one position in the country. The directorial debut of Kamal Khan has been brilliant and impressed the critics and audience at large. This film is nothing short than a roller coaster rides that will take you through the dark side of Karachi casting Mansha Pasha and Ahmed Ali Akbar. They adorn the characters pretty well in Taxi Driver by the name of Adeel Nawaz and Aliya Malik.


The film censor board was almost banning this movie from Shamoon Abbasi. It is a psychological thriller-horror based on a series of true events. The crew of this film deserves a big round of applause for picturing a plot that can easily be called as too grotesque. Moreover, Sherry Shah gave a brilliant performance that deserves a standing applause. If you wish to watch Pakistani movies check the URL given below


It is the comeback movie for Meera that portrays her tale. Her rapport, passion and drive with the flawless Amna Ilyas is a treat to watch although there were some flaws in the script the duo’s individual and dynamic stories got them in our list. If you are searching for the reliable platform of Pakistani movie Download, then check the link given below

Parey Hut Love

This movie is a romantic comedy flick whose plot resembles Four Weddings and Funeral. Asim Raza’s second feature is light-hearted and fun to watch. All you need to do is keep in mind while you head to the theatres that you are about to watch for 2 hours a romantic comedy full of escapism and a plethora of wedding inspo for Decemberistan that is Shaadi season.


The simplicity of the story did wonders for this Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf starrer. It was nothing short of a welcoming change from the OTT plot twists that are so typical of mainstream cinema and an idea that we could be invested in. The movie would have ranked higher if it had a detail-oriented script. To watch Pakistani movie 2019 click the link given below.

Heer Maan Ja

This film does not have a roller-coaster plot or perfect chemistry between the leading pairs of this film, neither a deep exploration of socio-cultural issues. The thing that makes it worthwhile to watch is its promise to entertain. Since the film is one of a jack-of-all-trades, it does entertain. All you need to do is suspend your disbelief, and you will be amused.


The chemistry between Zara Noor Abbas and Aashir Wajahat has been impressive with their potential. It succeeds in making the audience laugh at half of the jokes, which had landed quite well. The only drawback is that the plot has too many inconsistencies and shifts in character motivation, which is difficult to understand.


Mikaal Zulfiquar will root us all for our nation in this cinema that has plenty of sky soaring. What was impressive is the action sequence between fighter planes. Sadly, it was not enough, though. Perhaps if we were provided more action and humour in place of boring romance, we would have rated it higher. The sequel of the film is in line, and they are all requesting more fighter planes.

Project Ghazi

This movie is a superhero action flick, which is indeed an important lesson for the film industry, particularly concerning the importance of post production, to be aware of the quality that comes out of the deadline. The film exhibits plenty of improvement from its 2017 premiere, and it has its fair share of flaws, but we can understand the plot and the sequence of events.

Ready Steady No

Starring Amna Ilyas this movie is a romantic comedy flick that intends to raise awareness on caste marriages. The film lacks the thoughtful execution of the comical events and frequent twists to the plot do not serve its purpose of communicating a strong message to the audience.

Wrong No 2

This movie is not a sequel to the Yasir Nawaz flick wrong No, but it has the same brand R-rate humour, which at some points becomes slapstick. The plot of the movie revolves around multiple mistaken identities and wildly intersecting storylines for keeping the audience hooked.


Sami Khan gives a brilliant performance in this thriller, and his character dominates the movie. There were small loopholes in the plot of this movie, and the good thing is it does not drag and wraps the movie in less than two hours. You cannot predict the outcome of this movie until the final scene, which keeps the audience engaged.


It is the first Pakistani movie to deal with the social issue of malnutrition and the cast members optimistic that it will open up new avenues for others.

Part 2. Upcoming movies 2020


The trailer of this movie gives us a vibe of Yash Raj. It is believed to give Bollywood movies a run for their money. The film is commendable on the backdrop that it takes a chance on a complete newbie for a film shot that is hot in Scotland.

Daal Chawal

This movie is a social one whose plot revolves around the valiant men and women serving in the police force. It closely reflects the odyssey that the police force has to deal with in reality

Kaaf Kangana

The film is the directorial debut of Khalil Ur Rehman, and it has a screen time of roughly 2 hours and 37 minutes. The movie celebrates stereotypical dialogues that were so prominent in the early 90s. The actors have given a performance that is comparable to Ekta Kapoor’s extra soaps in Star Plus.


It is one of the few films, which promise to drift away from the rom-com trend. It has a minuscule premise that works in the movie’s favour. The characters will be given enough room to display their talents. Fans are keeping their fingers crossed for the release of this film.

Part 3. Watch and Download Pakistani movies.

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