5 Best 2019 New Horror Movies on VidMate


When you think of new horror movies, a few great horror movies with really good visuals come to your mind. Some of the very famous new horror movies include It, The Conjuring, The nun, Halloween from Hollywood also Raaz, 1920, 13 B from Bollywood. Some new horror movies gave many almost a heart attack. Many of us love watching new horror movies even if they are scary. Some horror movies help you to overcome the fear of ghosts or some make it even worse, don’t they?

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There are some great new horror movies released this year and you can find these new horror movies from 2019 easily on a very powerful yet simple video streaming and downloading software for mobile. VidMate is good for downloading and watching free new and old movies whenever and wherever you want. In this article, I am going to tell you about some scary yet must-watch new horror movies you can find on VidMate. These new horror movies are going to make your free time fun!

Here are the top 5 new horror movies you must watch on VidMate:

  • Rakkhosh - You are never alone.

This new horror movie released lately is a real psycho-horror thriller drama film. This new horror movie comes packed to the rafters with spine-tingling chills and scares. Can you imagine yourself trapped in a mental asylum? The storyline of this new horror movie is based on a man played by one of the finest actors, Sanjay Mishra who is trapped in the mental asylum and he gets involved in the series of psychological scary events. If you are a fan of such thriller and new horror movies then you must watch this movie for free on VidMate.

  • Amavas

This new horror film is based on the story of a couple whose lives turn into a nightmare. Their life gets dragged into a force of dark shadows of a hunted bungalow in which they decide to stay. Amavas -  a new horror movie is fullest to its promises. The beautiful actress Nargis Fakhri can be seen on screen after so long in this new horror film. This horror movie is enough to make you feel scared of the dark.

  • Annabelle Comes Home

Hollywood has always been making some spine chilling movies for us. Annabelle Comes Home is the new horror movie which is a sequel to the famous horror thriller movie series Annabelle. The evil spirit trapped in the doll will make you feel the death again. You must watch this new horror movie if you are a fan of Annabelle series and horror thrillers. Find this new horror movie on VidMate for free. Make this weekend an Annabelle Weekend!

  • The 27 Club

Hollywood never fails to surprise with amazing movies, be it any genre. The 27 Club is a new horror movie. The story if this latest horror movie revolves around a young song and scriptwriter who chase fame and a journalism student researching his thesis are drawn into a sinister underworld as each attempt to discover the truth behind the curse of “The 27 Club”. This new horror movie is one of the finest horror movies from 2019. You might want to download this movie free from VidMate!

  • Bad Ben: The Way

This new horror movie is one of the finest Hollywood new horror films which give you spine chills. This latest horror movie is worth a watch and you can find it easily on VidMate and you can download it from free. The new owner of the home on Steelmanville Road has hired Tom Riley to go back into the home to rid it of all malevolent forces before moving her family in. Tom returns, alone, and finds himself battling 9 demons. So, are you thinking to give it a chance? Then it is a high time to download VidMate, if you haven’t.

I guess you are excited about these new horror films. Even if you are afraid of horror movies or not a fan, I am sure if you watch these new horror movies you will start loving horror films. These free movies are waiting for you! Grab your phone and download VidMate if you have not.

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Click the download button appearing on the homepage. Once the download completes, you can install by changing the authorization setting and there you go! You are ready to enter the whole new world of videos, images, TV shows, movies and much more. You will realize that this app is a true pack of entertainment!

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