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Iranian cinema has a legacy of diversity, which has thrived amidst the constraints of an oppressive regime. It has endured the test of time braving censorships and exile. The film industry of Iran had a humble beginning dating around the first decade of the 20th century. It was in 1904 when Teheran got its first movie theatre.

The cinemas produced by the film industry were quite popular among the masses and Iranians flocked the theatres to watch these primitive masterpieces. 25 years later, Iran developed its national cinema symbolizing morality, humanity, and integrity. It even had its first film school in 1925.

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Part 1. Top 20 Iranian movies of all time

1. The House is Black

It is a short-form documentary film portraying life in a leper colony. The Iranian film industry post-revolution drew inspiration from it. This film shows the plight of humans but also exalts about simple joys. There is plenty of artifice in this documentary film, but it does not overlook the suffering of lepers inhabiting the city slums.

2. The Brick and The Mirror

Directed by Ebrahim Golestan, the plot of the story revolves around a Taxi driver and his girlfriend as they try to find the woman who has left a baby in the backseat. The film draws our attention to social anxieties, moral dilemmas that we face in life. The film unveils social realism.

3. The Cow

The film was a landmark achievement in the Iranian film industry. It was the first Iranian film that succeeded to grab the attention of international critics and served as a guiding light to the new wave of filmmakers. The plot of the story is based on a man called Hasan and his pet cow.

4. Still Life

It is a subtle film describing the work of visual poetry. Credit goes to its use of repetition. The plot of the film revolves around an ageing railway signalman by the name of Mohammad whose job is to open and close the railway crossing several times in a day. The film is shot in a rural setting in a place called “Nowhereville”.

5. The Runner

The film is based on director Amir Naderi and his childhood experiences. It celebrates the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity. The plot of this film revolves around a character called Amiro who was happy in doing menial jobs like selling water, polishing shoes until he realizes that to make his life better he needs to go to the school and learn to read.

6. The Cyclist

The plot of the story is inspired by the true events of the director Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s childhood. It is shown that Nasim, an Afghan refugee, works as a good digger while his wife is confined to the premises of a hospital. Nasim must find a way to pay her medical bills.

7. Close Up

The plot of the movie revolves around the Kiarostami revolution and Hossein Sabzian the main character is captured in an attempt to fraud while he impersonates well-known Iranian auteur Mohshen Malkhmalbaf. In a meeting with Kiarostami, Sazian passes the message to Mr Makhmalbaf, which says, “The cyclist is part of me”.

8. A moment of Innocence

The plot of this movie is set in a setting of 1970 when a student protest broke out. The director then dared to stab a cop. Now twenty years later he tracks down the cop for making a film to what happened to both of them on that day. Instead of using a staid documentary format and knowing that it is quite difficult to document the past, Makhmalbaf decided to tell his unique story.

9. Taste of Cherry

The scriptwriter Kiarostami spent eight years writing the script for the film, and it is evident from the authenticity of the film and its characters. With long shots, the film manages to keep the audience at a distance. The engagement of the film is uninterrupted, and there are plenty of visual cues disguised as exposition.

10. The Apple

It is the first film of director Samira Makhmalbaf who is the daughter of the famous Mohsen Makhmalbaf. The film is a piece of gem depicting the real-life stories of two sisters as they were kept in the confinement of their homes by their troubled parents for 12 years.

11. The Color Of Paradise

The film is about a blind boy called Mohammed, who is eight years old. He stays with Hashem, who is his father, and he has two sisters and grandmother. They live in a rustic village. It depicts the sufferings of Hashem and Mohammed. Hashem contemplates on remarrying after the death of his wife.

12. The Day I Became a Woman

It is a film about three generations of women who were subdued to endless oppression as they lament for freedom. The film slowly unfolds that captivates viewers in its rich tapestry. The plot of this movie revolves around three girls Havva, Ahoo, Hoora.

13. Ten

It is a hallmark of excellence in the Iranian film industry presenting the ten different conversations between driver and her passengers to the audience. The story of the film is based on the life of a psychiatrist who undertakes sessions with patients in her car after office hours.

14. Turtles Can Fly

This is a film based on child refugees caught up in the violence of war. Here, Turtle is used as a metaphor denoting the diaspora of Kurdish. The film questions our perception of war-torn countries incapable of showering affection.

15. A Separation

This film is about a woman who desires to leave Iran so that her daughter can find better opportunities. However, her husband refuses to go because his father is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and needs constant attention.

16. Offside

The film is inspired by the story of the director’s daughter who went to the stadium to watch a soccer game. In this film, football is used to portray discrimination and patriarchy in Iranian society.

17. About Elly

This film is indeed interesting and shows an accident or event which results in conflicts and confrontation. It casts superstar Golshifteh Farahani in Iran who gives a mind-blowing performance.

18. The White Balloon

The film is about a young girl who wants a goldfish as a present for Eid. She thinks that the goldfishes in the pond are unattractive and convinces her mother to give the money for it only to be duped by snake charmers.

19. The Lizard

This film is about a man who is called lizard because of his wall-climbing skills. He is a thief and has been to jail before. He injures himself in hot pursuit while escaping.

20. Children Of Heaven

This film is about two kids Ali and Zehra, who are poverty-ridden and live with their parents in Southern Teheran.

Part 2. Iranian Movies Watch and Download

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